First Report of the Older People's Commissioner for Wales 2008


The Commission launched Coming of Age, its first report to the First Minister for Wales, Rhodri Morgan on 1st October 2008, on the UN International Day for Older People.

The Commissioner for Older People (Wales) Act 2006 requested the publication of a report at this stage, but as the Older People’s Commission for Wales has not been in existence for a full year, the report does not contain the typical financial and corporate statements you would expect to see in an Annual Report. 

The report instead contains information on why and how the Commissioner role was created, how older people have and will be involved in the work of the Commission, as well as what the Commission intends to achieve in the forthcoming year.  

Ruth Marks said: "During my first few months of consultation events around Wales I have been impressed with the passion and determination of the people I have met."

"It is obvious to me that whilst there are many instances of good practice, the services delivered to older people is patchy.

"In my first report Coming of Age I state that one of the strongest messages I am receiving from Older People in Wales is 'involve us, don't ignore us.’

"I want to ensure that the voices of older people across the country are heard by all those who can make their lives better. One of my greatest challenges is to ensure that I reach the most vulnerable in our society - those people who are seldom or never heard."

Coming of Age - Annual Report (.pdf)