2012/13 Work Programme


The work of the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales 2012-2013The work of the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales is driven by what older people say matters to them. On-going, direct engagement with older people and those that represent and support them ensures that the Commission’s work reflect the issues that matter most and have an impact upon the lives of those aged 60 or over in Wales.

For the first time, we have published the Commission’s work programme, which lays out 50 specific pieces of work that will be taken forward during the next 18 months, targeting the following areas:

  • Age discrimination
  • Poverty and financial concerns
  • Paying for and access to social care
  • Unpaid older carers
  • Dementia
  • Advocacy arrangements in care homes
  • Information and advice
  • Adult safeguarding and protection
  • Dignity and respect in hospitals
  • Ageing well in Wales
  • Developing better public services

Click here to download a summary of the key areas we will be focusing on during 2012/13.

Click here to download a detailed report outlining our full work programme.