Impact & Reach Report 2014-15


Today I launched my third impact and reach report, ‘Making a Difference for Older People in Wales’, which highlights the action I have taken on behalf of older people during 2014-15, as their independent voice and champion, to drive forward the change they have told me that they want and need to see.

The report also outlines the ways in which I have delivered against my priorities as Commissioner, as set out in my Framework for Action 2013-17.

I have continued to travel the length and breadth of Wales throughout 2014-15 to meet a diverse range of older people and have also provided direct support to hundreds of older people who have found themselves in the most complex and unacceptable situations.

As part of my work this year, I undertook the biggest Review to date into the quality of life and care of older people living in care homes in Wales. My Review findings have been welcomed by public bodies and care providers across Wales and I have been clear about what action is required to deliver the change needed within care homes and the wider social care system. I will continue to seek evidence that this change has been delivered as part of my Review follow-up work.

I have also significantly strengthened my work to ensure that older people are safeguarded and protected as there is still a lack of recognition of, and response to, the abuse of older people.

Whilst much of my work is focused on ensuring that older people who are frail or vulnerable are properly cared for and supported, it is important to note that frailty and vulnerability are not inevitable as people grow older. That’s why I established the Ageing Well in Wales programme, which was launched last year. The programme is a national collaboration of over 300 organisations, groups and individuals working together to improve people’s wellbeing and support everyone in Wales to age well as they grow older.

I am proud to be the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales and I will continue to stand up and speak out on behalf of older people to make Wales a good place to grow older – not just for some, but for everyone.

Sarah Rochira

Older People’s Commissioner for Wales

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