Impact & Reach Report 2015-16: Driving Change, Improving Lives


Today I publish my latest Impact and Reach Report, which sets out the wide range of work I undertook during 2015-16 to drive change on behalf of older people across Wales.

My work during 2015-16 was strongly focused on working to improve the lives of older people who are at risk of being excluded from society, and those who may be vulnerable or at risk of harm.

This included work to raise awareness of the scale and impact of domestic abuse of older people, growing knowledge amongst frontline professionals about the most effective ways to tackle abuse and provide support; the publication of my ‘Dementia: more than just memory loss’ report, which set out the improvements needed to ensure that people living with dementia can access the services, support, information and advice that they need; and my call for legislation to be used to protect and promote the rights of older people.

As Chair of the Ageing Well in Wales Programme, I have also continued to work with a wide range of national and local partners, as well as groups and individuals across Wales, to deliver change across five priority areas: creating age friendly communities, creating dementia friendly communities, falls prevention, opportunities for learning and employment and tackling loneliness and isolation.

Recognising older people’s value, knowledge and expertise, as well as the contribution they make in so many ways, is essential. As Older People’s Commissioner, I will continue to stand up and speak out on behalf of older people, making clear why they are such a phenomenal asset, to ensure that this is the case and that Wales is a good place to grow older – not just for some, but for everyone. 

Sarah Rochira
Older People's Commissioner for Wales

Click here to download a copy of Impact & Reach Report 2015-16: Driving Change, Improving Lives