Advocacy in Care Homes

Research undertaken on behalf of the Commissioner found that advocacy can be of crucial importance to older people at all stages of decision making regarding residential care: from deciding to enter, whilst living in residential care, or when moving from it. Furthermore, Advocacy Counts 3, published by Age Cymru with support from the Commissioner, found that the provision of advocacy services for older people is inconsistent and that there are still large areas of the country that do not have funded advocacy services. 

As advocacy is widely recognised as a valuable and important safeguard that is not universally available, and due to the particular vulnerability of older people living residential care, as highlighted through engagement with advocacy organisations, residential care homes and others, the Commissioner undertook a Review of advocacy arrangements in residential care to assess whether, and to what extent, advocacy arrangements are effective in safeguarding and promoting the interests of older people in residential care. 

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Preliminary Research

Review Terms of Reference

Review Report: Voice, Choice and Control