Commissioner's Casebook

One of the ways in which I discharge my statutory functions as Commissioner is through the provision of direct assistance and support to older people. Every week, I am contacted by older people, as well as those who care for and care about them, and provide a range of direct support and assistance through my Casework Team.

I am publishing this casebook in order to highlight the key messages arising from my casework and to demonstrate the impact of the work of my Casework Team on the lives of older people in Wales. In addition to using the issues that arise through my casework to guide and shape my own work as Commissioner, I also raise these issues with public bodies in order to help to inform and shape their current and future practice.

Alongside my wider work as Commissioner, I will continue to use my casework to stand up and speak out for older people across Wales and ensure that our public services empower and support them so they can live fulfilled, independent lives.

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