Older People's Commissioner for Wales’ final verdict on response to “Dignified Care?” Review


Ruth Marks, Older People's Commissioner for Wales, has judged that all the bodies subject to the “Dignified Care?” Review have provided enough information to satisfy her that they will comply with her 12 recommendations

Ruth Marks commented “All the bodies have accepted my recommendations and developed clear action plans to make sure they make a difference in practice. The Review uncovered huge differences in the older people’s experiences of hospital, often finding contrasting treatment in different wards in the same hospital. My practical recommendations were designed to make sure that older people are treated with greater dignity and respect during hospital stays.

“The Health Boards, Local Authorities and Welsh Government have all recognised this challenge and responded with a clear commitment to changing this culture. Changes that have been made include zero tolerance to unacceptable practice in continence care, compulsory dementia training and recognising that privacy should be respected. For older people, this should mean that they are appropriately helped to use the toilet, staff are better able to support people with dementia and sensitive discussions are held in private.”

She continued “I am now calling on older people to have high expectations for the quality of care they should be receiving. The Commission will be working with partners to monitor dignity and respect, but older people are our eyes and ears on the ground. Without their evidence this Review would not have created such a strong commitment to change.

Short summaries of the responses from the Health Boards and Welsh Government have been prepared and are available on our website, with the full responses from all the Bodies subject to the Review.