Response to Statement by Health Minister: Progress made against recommendations in ‘Dignified Care?’ report


Following the statement made by Minister for Health and Social Services, Leslie Griffiths, during Plenary on Tuesday (10 Jan) Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, Ruth Marks, said:

“’Dignified Care?’ highlighted the importance of treating older people in hospitals in Wales with dignity and respect and I will continue to hold bodies to account to ensure that my recommendations make a real difference for older people.“I welcome the statement made by the Minister that reinforces key messages from the report and the Welsh Government’s commitment to make improvements in patient care.

“As noted during contributions made by members in response to the statement, it is vital that the Welsh Government supports the implementation of best practice across Wales and that the important role of volunteers and the third sector in health services is acknowledged and supported.

“Key outcomes for older people include the introduction of dignity in care as a Tier 1 priority in the Welsh Government’s NHS Delivery Framework in 2011/12 and the launch of unannounced dignity spot checks that will be conducted by Healthcare Inspectorate Wales, which will focus on the experience of the individual and whether their essential care needs were met in a timely manner.

“I also welcome commitments from the Minister that work is underway to ensure that staff are appropriately trained and equipped to meet the care needs of an ageing population and that high quality services will be developed to support people with dementia and their families.

“I will continue to work with the Minister and Health Board Chief Executives, as well as Community Health Councils, Healthcare Inspectorate Wales, NLIAH and the Wales Audit Office to monitor the implementation of my recommendations down to ward level in order to reinforce good practice and support the consistent delivery of dignified care in hospitals throughout Wales.”