Dignified Care? Review: Follow Up


Last year Ruth Marks, the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, published her ‘Dignified Care?’ Review which examined the experiences of older people in hospital in Wales. 

Ruth Marks stated: “My Dignified Care? Review found examples of shockingly inadequate treatment, as well as good practice in hospitals in Wales.  It made 12 practical recommendations for the Health Boards and Trust to ensure that older people are always treated with dignity and respect when they are in hospital.

“As part of my ongoing determination to improve dignity and respect, I will be meeting with all the Local Health Boards, NHS Trust and Welsh Government in March and April to check that they are meeting their targets for dignity and respect, as set out in their responses to my report.”

Amongst the commitments made by the Local Health Boards in Wales were to:

  • prioritise training in dementia awareness and continence care,
  • increase volunteer roles to provide support to patients and improve their hospital experience,
  • ensure that strong ward leadership is in place so that care focuses on the needs and rights of the patient,
  • empower ward leaders lead on challenging poor practice,
  • proactively meet with and hear from patients, their families, carers and representative organisations about how all areas of the hospital can be improved; and
  • make sure that personal information is discussed in an appropriate setting, seeking creative solutions to uphold the older patient’s right to privacy.

Ruth continued: “I am pleased that as a result of my ‘Dignified Care?’ report all Health Boards have made public commitments to improve the experiences of older people in hospital.  Achieving the positive change I want to see will require a relentless focus on older people’s needs and their right to be treated with dignity and respect at all times.  As usual, I will keep older people updated on progress of all the Commission’s work.”

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