Dignified Care? One Year On - Progress Report from the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales


One Year OnOlder People’s Commissioner for Wales, Sarah Rochira, has today issued the first monitoring report following the Dignified Care? Review of older people’s experiences in hospital.

The report finds there has been an improvement in how seriously the NHS and Welsh Government are taking the issue of dignity in care, and that there is real action underway. However, despite this action, we do not yet have the evidence that there has been a significant improvement in the quality of care and patient experience.

Sarah Rochira said, “My report shows that dignity in care is now being taken more seriously than ever before by the NHS and Welsh Government, and I am now satisfied that all the bodies reviewed have significant work underway against their agreed detailed action plans.

“What I will now be focussing on over the next 18 months, as Commissioner, is obtaining clear evidence from the NHS and Welsh Government of real improvements in patient care and patient experience at the ward level.

“Older people, wherever they live in Wales, should feel confident that they will be treated with dignity and respect when they go into hospital. Their voices and experiences, as well as those of the people who care for and support them, will at the heart of my final verdict.

“Where I am not satisfied that there is real change, and an improvement in the patient experience, I will hold to account the Chairs and Chief Executives of Health Boards, or the Trust, to ensure that there are clear improvements not just for some, but for all older people across Wales. I will, if I consider it appropriate, undertake further review of services, at Board, hospital or ward level.

“In order to maintain the momentum, I have agreed with the Chief Executive of the NHS in Wales that he will provide me with a further progress report in March 2013, outlining improvements delivered.”

 Dignified Care? One Year On (.pdf)

Evidence from Welsh Government

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