Requirements for Action

The Commissioner’s Requirements for Action clearly outline the change that is needed to drive up the quality of life and care of older people living in care homes across Wales.

The Commissioner expects, as do older people and the large number of individuals and organisations that responded to her Review, that the public bodies subject to her Review will take concerted action to deliver the change required and through this to embed quality of life at the heart of residential and nursing care within Wales and ensure that older people receive that to which they are entitled.

Implementation of the Commissioner’s Requirements for Action

The Commissioner has requested, in line with the Commissioner for Older People (Wales) Act 2006, that the bodies subject to the Requirements for Action in this report provide, in writing, by 2 February 2015, an account of:

  • How they have complied, or propose to comply with the Commissioner’s Requirements for Action; or
  • Why they have not complied with the Requirements for Action; or
  • Why they do not intend to comply with the Requirements for Action.

Formal written notices will be issued to any bodies that fail to respond or provide inadequate information. If the response received is not deemed satisfactory after this process, the Commissioner reserves the right to draw it to the attention of the general public.

Requirements for Action / Recommendations Register

The Commissioner is obliged to keep a register of the recommendations made in the report and the actions taken in response. The register must be available for the general public to view.

Requirements for Action (Full Table)

Response Register