Crimes Against, and Abuse of, Older People in Wales - Access to Support and Justice: Working Together

One of my key priorities is to work with the wider criminal justice system, safeguarding agencies, colleagues across police services and others to increase awareness of the nature of abuse faced by older people and ensure they have access to support and justice. I wish to ensure that, where they fit the legal definition, older people are recognised as victims of domestic abuse and have access to the full support available to them under domestic abuse legislation and domestic abuse support services, and that the abuse of older people is recognised and treated as a criminal act. 

Whilst we have some good practice across Wales, it is not consistently being applied in all areas. There needs to be greater commitment and a joined up approach if we are to safeguard many older people who experience abuse.

To support my work, I commissioned Aberystwyth University to look at how we identify, record and transfer data and cases between agencies and I asked the researchers to suggest how we can do this better in Wales. As adult protection in Wales is about to go onto a statutory footing through the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act, this is an opportune time to consider how agencies can work better together to prevent older people falling through the ‘gaps’ that exist between services.

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